Google Chrome for Ipad

Google Chrome for Ipad


Rating : 4 Stars
User Friendliness and Look&Feel :  4 Star
Content and Accuracy :  4 Star
Cost : 5 Star ( Free App )
Navigation & Usability : 4 Star
Competitors : opera,apple safari, dolphin


Though Apple safari is one of the best browser, google chrome and its interface comes up as a very strong alternative competitor browser. Goggle has provided the chrome for ipad which is quite stable and supportive browser especially during the iOS6 times when apple is getting rid of google maps and other google OOTB(out of the box) apps.

One can be sure that the browser meets with the minimum expectations of the user and have been thoroughly tested to work efficiently on all google applications.

Lets have a small tour of the browser.

Welcome Page


The welcome page showcases your most visited pages on the front screen with iconic tabs.

At the botton you can see the options for your saved bookmarks and google chrome sign in.


Clarity,precision and issue
Chrome has a very simple and clear interface and portraits all sites with elegance and precision.
Never observed any site glitches or webpage issues on chrome.

As usual chrome adds the browser feature of a strong search user interface. When you try to type anything on the address bar the search suggestions automatically come up from the google search. This is a very strong feature which is helpful in avoiding a visit to


Key board for quick key is additional feature on google chrome.

Multiple Webpage tabs
None of the browser provides this functionality as good as chrome does. There is small button at the right of each tab for addition of new webpages.
Features –
– Steady and strong web page tab addition
– The tabs could be moved and there positions changed but holding on your required tab.
– Navigation to the tabs is by scrolling it which helps.


Incognito mode
Google Chrome adds a new feature of incognito or invisible mode for your web navigation not to appear in history and no cookies are stored.
This could be accessed via the settings option and also when you try to open any new link.



Miscellaneous features –
– Find on a webpage
– Voice search. This works quite precisely.
– Request desktop Site
– Share … For facebook , twitter …..

Cons –
There is only one issue with the browser that it auto refreshes pages after a certain time interval. This is unnecessary as the time period is too short.


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