• Rating : BEST NEWS APP (5 Stars)
  • User Friendliness and Look&Feel :  4 Star
  • Content and Accuracy :  4 Star
  • Cost : 5 Star ( Free App )
  • Navigation & Usability : 4 Star
  • Competitors : Pulse, Zite, Google News


User Friendliness and Look&Feel –

The application is extremely user intuitive and easy to use. The first page a shown above showcases all the various categories of news. On click of every category we get a host of latest news and facts which could be browsed as per our choice.


Utility and Accuracy –

All the news is just a redirection from renowned and latest sources and which is also showcased at the bottom of the page. The information is well segregated as per categories from various news sources, magazines around the world.


Cost –
The application is absolutely free of cost though at times we feel the need to read the fill articles by major magazines which are cut short since they are provided as paid services by them.

Navigation & Usability –

Navigation is something which makes this app stand out from its competitors.
– Clean interface
– fast navigation
– quick search
– personalised news
are its salient features.

Apart from the standard first page we can also navigate from the search pane. It helps us choose the news sources of our choice. You can follow the updates on these sources.


Search function is extremely useful and provides instant helpful results from various sources.


Personalised News –
Last but not the least , we can have a personalised news readily available to us at all times. We can follow the news of our choice and the sources we feel are reliable.



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