Essential apps

Though Apple Apps Store has featured an apps starter kit which contains a collection of applications there are alot more other promising applications which should be in your possession.Before I go into a detailed review of all the apps, I would wish to provide some of the important categories of apps and a few examples within every category.

Social Networks –


Most of the social network sites have ipad apps which are easy to use and provide a host of features to suit tablets.
Eg – facebook, linkedin, twitter.
IOS6 claims to have these applications inbuilt in the OS.

Books –
The books related applications are one of the most advantageous features of ipad.
– host of books related apps like ibooks, kindle,readwhere.
– Most of the ebooks are much cheaper than paper books.
– They do not take any storage place and your ipad can get you access to thousands of books.
– Features like search , dictionary are at your finger tips.
– Comics are at your finger tips which used to be not so easy to get hands on some years back.


Games –
I am adding games and entertainment on one tag.
Games do not need to be given any introduction. Temple Run and Angry birds are one of the must have.


Music and Entertainment –

There is no need to teach apple in the music domain. They pioneered the ipods to eradicate the walkman and the mp3 players race giving sony a run for its money.The ipod features are still intact and also has a host of new applications to suit your needs.
– The sound quality of the ipad is unbeatable and it can always be docked for amplifying to wider audience.
– INTERNET RADIO – This is fast coming up as a category of apps where a internet broadcast of songs is held. This provides a good variety of songs.
– Any streaming song apps are upcoming fast like soundhound, saavn, etc.
– A number of video and movie streaming applications are available like netflix,OPlayerHD.
– Watching movies is another unique experience on ipad.
( this 1 image of dock is taken from other site )



News and Magazines –

This is another fast upcoming category with innovative concepts put up my various applications.
– Must try new apps like flipboard, google news. It collates different news and information and presents in an innovative format.
– Most of the newspaper publications have their own apps for ipad.
– Newstand is an apple app which can be used to read magazine subscriptions.
– The ecopy of most papers and magazines are cheaper and easily accessible and opens up a host of applications to users.


Misc –

There are a host of other must have apps for Apple Ipad.
Some of the recommended apps are
– Apple Pages
– Wikipedia
– WordPress – All these blogs are written on ipad wordpress.
– Photography – This has a host of apps for editing photos.
– Messengers and Browsers – These are another category of Must have apps.
– imo messenger
– microsoft office lync
– chrome browser, opera browser

The above covers most of the essential category of applications and I would review one app at a time from each of these categories.


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