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Inferior OS 6

My excitement about the latest IOS 6 version was short-lived as apple decided to promote its products more than satiating their customers.
Though disappointed, I shall try to provide an unbiased review.

  • Facebook Integration
  • Apple Maps
  • Mail
  • APP Store
  • SIRI
  • Cloud Improvements
  • Miscellaneous

Facebook Integration

Facebook integration has its own pros and cons.
You can now integrate your apple id with your facebook id.

This means that apps like photos, contacts, calendar could be shared on facebook with a single click.

Integrate Facebook on your iDevice –


Just login here and you are good to go.

How does this help me ?
Ahh you can now share your photos, from your apple photos app…
Similarly a host of other apps are integrated.


It also brings out other features like , liking apps, status update from notification center.

Apple Maps – ( biggest impact change in ios6)

With the Andriod OS , apple sees google more of a competitor than partner it seems. Apple has acquired a couple of mapping companies and partnered with mapping services like yelp.The result is an Apple map app. Though the 1st launch is much handsome than the primitive days of google maps it has its own lacking points.

I would rate this as a major change, as Maps is heavily used app.
Users still have access to google maps through browser.

1st look –


The interface is clean and clear and the performance of app is fast.

3D Satellite look –

The 3d look and manual navigation is quite easy and user intuitive. The look and feel of buildings and structure is quite handsome.




Pros –
– Good application from its 1st attempt.
– A competition for google would make both apps better.
– 3d navigation and directions are proper.
– fast and intuitive.
– partners with tom tom and yelp.
– turn by turn directions

– search at times does not give proper results
– lots of countries are still missing all the features.
– the app needs lots of improvements.


Though a lot of mailing apps are competing on ios, i prefer the default mailing application.
IOS6 does add some important features, but those were more of missing features in previous app.
No good improvements as per expectations.

VIP Contacts –

This gives an option so that you do not miss out mails from important people.


In App attachment…. A missing feature…


APP Store –

App store has come up with a brand new look which is good but a bau enhancement which does not bring in any new utilities for the user.


There are host of some good features added to the app store –
– updates shown on app store and their progress bar.
– a popup when you click on app.
– cleaner interface



The much hyped, disappointing app.
Apple decides to bring it only on the new IPAD, not even IPAD 2, which has no good reason but performance which is ridiculously fooling the user.

The app has some support for restaurants,etc now but again only in a very few selected countries.
The list of limitations can be found on apple site at

Cloud Improvements – (sharing) ( Best IOS6 feature )

This has been really a good improvement and enhancement to its features. You can now store your photos and documents on icloud, something which would really help users to store and use important documents and photos on the move.

Settings tab


Store documents and photos on ICloud.


Photos can be similarly streamed.

You can access them from any of your idevices now.

Safari IOS integration cloud –


Miscellaneous –

– Facetime over cellular network , a missing feature added.
– Better looking clock application, not sure if its worth mentioning.
– Passbook… Great concept, not properly launched, serious dounts if it would pick up.
– inapp itunes reveiw.
– Safari improvements for icloud ,jscript and sharing option.

Overall –
Below Average.


IOS6 Download ( Temporary Post )

Download IOS 6 –

It took me 20 mins approx to download the ios 6 and another 15 minutes for its installation.
There is an auto upgrade option with the new IOS.
1) Go to Settings.
2) Software Update.
3) Update your os.

Do not forget to put you ipad on charge while you upgrade.
Review of iOS 6 to follow soon.


Starting new ios6 –



    Apple Ipad 2 Review

Having lost my craze for the iphone, I was skeptical wether the Ipad would prove to be another lacklustre with time. However after spending more than 6 months on the device it seems that apple has by far succeeded in envisaging a new category of device to not only entice its customer but also to start another corporate race to achieve superiority.

IPAD as a Gadget –
Apple Ipad revolutionises a new category of devices progressing from the turing machines -> super computer -> personal computer ->Laptops ->Tablets and is surely here to last long. I have avoided to name some of the trivial failures of the digital industry like personal diaries and net books.
With 241.2×185.7×8.8 mm ( in between the small notebooks and fullscape notebooks) weighing 601g with the legacy one home button, top on/off switch and 2 cameras, mic is a valued possession.

First Impressions –


Overview –
The Apple Ipad 2 is an extremely user friendly application which does not come with any manual and all the features are very user intuitive. It does not have a start and shutdown ( not detailing the hard shutdown) and remains in a standby mode which awakes with a press of home button. It is fast with no lags, multi-touch,multi tasking with background run for songs. Pre loaded with essential apps like music,maps,videos,youtube,contacts,photos,camera.

Gestures –
Ipad understands gestures due to the multi touch functions. Lets have a visual demo of the same as below –

I am only showcasing the extra gestures, apart from the usual scroll up , down and side ways, zoom in & out which we all are fimiliar with.

– switch application


– close application


– go to main menu


– App Store –

Apple controlled app store is something which really makes it stand out to its competitors with amazing set of every growing applications.
Book Apps , Games , Maps, Weather, Navigation, Writing, Sketching, Photo Editing, Music, Social Networks, News, Mail, Stocks,Productivity … It just continues..


Pros –
– Portable Computer and Much more.
– User friendly and intuitive interface.
– Large number of available applications
– Very good battery Life
– Quick startup and standby, no waiting time.
– reduces the bulky disadvantages of a laptop.
– No lags even with heavy games

Cons –
– Mail application needs various improvements, like attachment addition,etc.
– Storage is only central or on common apps like drop box
– Better camera, which is upgraded in next version.
– Missing Flash support, the biggest disadvantage.