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    Apple Ipad 2 Review

Having lost my craze for the iphone, I was skeptical wether the Ipad would prove to be another lacklustre with time. However after spending more than 6 months on the device it seems that apple has by far succeeded in envisaging a new category of device to not only entice its customer but also to start another corporate race to achieve superiority.

IPAD as a Gadget –
Apple Ipad revolutionises a new category of devices progressing from the turing machines -> super computer -> personal computer ->Laptops ->Tablets and is surely here to last long. I have avoided to name some of the trivial failures of the digital industry like personal diaries and net books.
With 241.2×185.7×8.8 mm ( in between the small notebooks and fullscape notebooks) weighing 601g with the legacy one home button, top on/off switch and 2 cameras, mic is a valued possession.

First Impressions –


Overview –
The Apple Ipad 2 is an extremely user friendly application which does not come with any manual and all the features are very user intuitive. It does not have a start and shutdown ( not detailing the hard shutdown) and remains in a standby mode which awakes with a press of home button. It is fast with no lags, multi-touch,multi tasking with background run for songs. Pre loaded with essential apps like music,maps,videos,youtube,contacts,photos,camera.

Gestures –
Ipad understands gestures due to the multi touch functions. Lets have a visual demo of the same as below –

I am only showcasing the extra gestures, apart from the usual scroll up , down and side ways, zoom in & out which we all are fimiliar with.

– switch application


– close application


– go to main menu


– App Store –

Apple controlled app store is something which really makes it stand out to its competitors with amazing set of every growing applications.
Book Apps , Games , Maps, Weather, Navigation, Writing, Sketching, Photo Editing, Music, Social Networks, News, Mail, Stocks,Productivity … It just continues..


Pros –
– Portable Computer and Much more.
– User friendly and intuitive interface.
– Large number of available applications
– Very good battery Life
– Quick startup and standby, no waiting time.
– reduces the bulky disadvantages of a laptop.
– No lags even with heavy games

Cons –
– Mail application needs various improvements, like attachment addition,etc.
– Storage is only central or on common apps like drop box
– Better camera, which is upgraded in next version.
– Missing Flash support, the biggest disadvantage.